UX Design

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I create user-centred services based on research and a decade of experience working in digital. I start with understanding the users, their journeys, and what needs to improve to make the user flow better. I identify problems and propose the most straightforward and efficient solutions.

Heuristic evaluation

With years of experience working for high-profile public and private sector companies, I evaluate the digital service against usability principles. The assessment allows identifying problems that might negatively impact users’ experience.

Usability testing

Testing prototypes and designs in front of the users is a way of getting real data about a product. It allows to iterate and improve the user journey - change what confuses to an easy to navigate service. I conduct usability testing sessions and evaluate a product or digital service based on user feedback.

Wireframing and prototyping

Initial sketches of pages and navigation between them help to create a structure and base for the future design and development work. I turn low-fidelity wireframes into a clickable prototype to illustrate the suggested improvements to the user experience.

Information architecture

Organising site’s content and planning how pieces of information are linked together is a fantastic way of improving usability. Good website’s structure helps users to understand where they are in digital service, and how they can easily access the areas they need.

User Interaction & Interface Design

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Product interface plays a significant part in user experience and has an impact on usability. I design accessible interfaces that are compatible with the company’s branding. I create web apps and prototypes for digital services.

Mobile-first design

Designing for small screens from the start gives more attention to content design and web optimisation. It’s one of the fundaments of sustainable UX design because it helps focus on user needs and web performance.

Accessible design

Excellent user experience means how easily all users can reach their goals. By making a digital service accessible for different types of users, we increase its usability.

Front-End Development

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I deliver robust sites by focusing on web performance. I am an advocate of semantic HTML markup and CSS grid layouts. I test websites on different browsers and devices, which reduces later the maintenance costs.

Semantic HTML and CSS markup

Semantic markup leads naturally to a more accessible product or service. I produce a clear and well-structured code. I use CSS grid layout and other fundamental properties to build responsive sites.

WordPress Development

I design and build custom WordPress themes for clients who need unique design or features. Starting with fewer plugins and customisations helps focus on content and send the right message to the users.

UX Consultancy

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If you’re not sure which service is best for your business, I offer product reviews, focusing on user experience and interactions. I can help your team with running usability testing sessions and defining the user needs.

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