User Experience Design

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UX design is a process of making an online service intuitive and straight-forward enough for the users to reach their goals. It fascinates me how design choices can be modified and made better to improve the user journey through the website or app. When working on a project, I always dedicate my time to try and understand the potential user flow and how to make it smooth.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Initial sketches of pages and navigation between them help to create a structure and base for the future design and development work. I prefer to produce them in a digital version. I can then turn these sketches and wireframes into a clickable prototype available to view on a range of devices and screens.

Usability Testing

Testing prototypes and designs in front of the users is a way of getting real data about a product. It then allows UXers to iterate and improve the user journey and anything else that caused confusion. I can help to conduct a usability testing session or prepare the tasks and script.

User Interface Design

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Appealing presentation and pleasant look and feel it relate to the interface design of a website, app, dashboard etc. I believe it’s a very significant part of user experience and has an impact on usability. I not only make sure that the project design follows brand guidelines but also check colours, background images and typography for accessibility.

Responsive Web Design

It is a standard that websites should be accessible on any device or screen size. The more flexible is the layout to accommodate different dimensions, the better for user experience. I prefer to start with the mobile first approach and work my way upwards through different breakpoints.

Pattern Library

I can help with building a repository of modules used on your website or other digital services.

Service Design

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Understanding the purpose of an online service and the users’ needs is a principal factor in a successful digital product. Over the course of my career, I assisted various public sector organisations in creating or improving their online services.

Service Design Manual

While working with public sector clients, I based my design decisions on the Service Design Manual created by the Government Digital Service. The document also served me as a point of reference when reviewing new digital services.

GOV.UK Prototype Kit

Government digital services need to use an established format because they all need to be consistent and recognised. Their prototype kit available online is an excellent tool for creating new modules. I have experience building a prototype for the UK government.

Front-End Development

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Nowadays, front-end development is a bit more fluid than it was when I started my career as a designer/developer. Besides producing good quality valid HTML and CSS codes, I also implement them into various PHP and JavaScript frameworks.

Bespoke WordPress Development

WordPress is a popular software to manage website’s content. I built numerous custom themes for different sort of clients. I develop WordPress themes for clients who need a unique design or features. I also believe that starting with fewer plugins and customisations is better for focusing on content and sending the right message to the users.

Content Management & Frameworks

Over the course of my career, I worked with various PHP frameworks, like Laravel and Symfony, and JavaScript libraries, like React.js and Backbone.js. I also create websites where content can be maintained by the client. I have experience integrating WordPress and Perch into the code.

Accessibility & Semantics

Semantic markup leads naturally to more accessible code. I always dedicate my time to review the tags and properties I’m using to make the codebase clearer and structured better.


I can provide support to existing sites or improve the code to increase site’s performance.