Working on tech for good project

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Working on tech for good project

Last weekend (28-29 September) I was busy working on a Period Dignity App during a fantastic tech and data jam. This project aims to make sanitary products accessible across Bristol for those who are in need, as well as allow others to make donations.

Bristol City Council and Bristol One City logos

The event, hosted by Bristol City Council and Bristol One City, was an excellent opportunity to work alongside other talented people on a project that can make a positive impact on girls’ and women’s wellbeing. The hackathon organisers, Ajara, John Kellas and Marius Jennings, served us with a friendly atmosphere that embraced creativity and collaboration. They also planned our schedule to make sure we can present ideas for the initial phase of the Period Dignity App on Sunday afternoon.

All of the participants could join one of the four pods: front-end, UX and UI, back-end and data science. We all had a chance to contribute to the app, just from a different perspective.

I teamed up with the UX and UI people. We worked on personas, user journey, user stories, branding and a prototype. It’s incredible how much people can achieve in a very restricted timeframe when we all work towards a common goal. In my opinion, drafting personas helped me a lot to set my mind on track. It is a challenging task for user experience designers to create a very personal app, that isn’t intrusive and doesn’t cross the line of good taste.

There were lots of inspiring tweets posted by participants and organisers which you can check on the #PeriodDignityApp feed.

Great work, everyone! It was very empowering to hear what each time achieved during the weekend.

I am looking forward to the launch of this initiative in January.

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